Frontline leadership model

My team, we're in the trenches with the customer. So when we say; this is what the customer is saying, this is what they need, this is what we’ve seen - being able to take those things forward. We are the eyes and ears. Because in those trainings, they feel more comfortable saying things, and I feel compelled to do something. A lot of times I already know “there’s nothing I can do about that”, but I do feel compelled to take that back. So we encourage them; put the information on the evaluations. Because then I have data, I have something to fight with. Or you know, this helps me be the voice for you.  

I care about the people. I love helping people. And sometimes it's hard to say, oh that's not going to change. I just hope that people are able to do what they enjoy doing, what they love to do - and employers gear in with action. Even if they have to come back and say I hear what you're saying. The timing is not good for us. We don't have the staffing to do that. We don't have the resources, we don't have the finances. But here's what I can do, or here's what we plan to do.  

So I my hope is that we've made a better connection for employers and employees whether it's small companies or large companies.