Credentials for skills-based hiring

I'm a first-generation college student. And my family, none of my family members went to college, or have even really done the applications. So when I did applications, I went in pretty blind.  

My counselors weren't very knowledgeable in the town that I lived in. No students had ever went to an Ivy League school, it wasn't a big high school. And there was no video explaining: okay, that means go here and do this. I didn't have any sample essays where it's like, this is what the average person who got in wrote. You know, to kind of gauge what I should be writing, how much I should be writing. Because like, they had a word minimum but there was no word maximum.  

So me, I'm like – I don't know what to do with this information. Do I write 1000 words? Or do I write barely past the minimum? Just like, maybe like, an example of what they're expecting would help so much. Because going in blind, you don't know what to expect. And they're not telling you what they want. And it's kind of difficult. 

Maybe offering more information sessions or more resources for how to write college essays? Or maybe for their application, adding like videos or stuff. Because like, they would explain things. And I'm like, what does that word mean? What does this mean?