Accountability mechanisms for inclusion and wellbeing

I feel like diversity is necessary for improvement and to make sure everything runs smoothly. I feel like the more people you have from different backgrounds, the better your place of work is. Not only are people more comfortable, but I think people have better ideas or can like communicate better when you have people that are similar to you. Or people that have ideas you would have never thought of because they experience, like, differently than you.  

I have seen like Black, Hispanic, a lot of Asian workers too, come in, work a week and say they can't do this and leave. I don't think it's because they physically couldn't, I think it's because they didn't feel comfortable.  

It turns out that no matter how many signs you put up, if your management is not actively acting against it, nothing's gonna change. If no one's really calling attention to it and it doesn't really matter, unless they purposely hire people with a lot of diversity, then it's not really going to change.