A playbook for business leaders

Building a work future in which all can thrive will require commitment by many stakeholders. Businesses, both large and small, will play a key role: they employ the majority of the world’s workforce, and provide skilling and other support throughout workers’ careers. They can also pilot and scale new solutions.

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This playbook presents nine strategic plays, each accompanied by a set of actions that businesses can take within their own organizations and in partnership with others.

We have oriented these plays around three design principles that have emerged as key to a future of work in which all can thrive.

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Explore the network diagram below to see solutions, tools and examples of practical action. Solution nodes are linked to one or more Future of Work plays.

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  • Support for multi-chapter working lives
  • Investment in worker resilience
  • Credentials for skills-based hiring


  • Collaborative investment in human capital
  • Accountability mechanisms behind better work
  • Open curricula and collaborative training


  • New norms for productivity
  • Tech with a human centre
  • Frontline leadership model