Pivot for Humanity

“Professionalization gives a professional the opportunity to say: 'this goes against the code of ethics, I'm not doing it. And if I do it, I lose my license.' So losing my license is one thing I can hold up. The other side is that also allows people within a community to hold each other accountable.”
– Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh, Founder and President, Pivot for Humanity


Pivot for Humanity is calling for professionalization in the tech industry. Through professionalization, other fields such as medicine and engineering have established best practices and codes of ethics for practitioners, helping to mitigate against harm, and increasing accountability and transparency. Now, Pivot for Humanity is campaigning and educating to bring similar reforms to the tech industry. ​

Role in the future of work

By professionalizing the tech industry, Pivot for Humanity aims to empower tech workers, increase accountability in tech's development and deployment, and ultimately help to mitigate against potential harm caused by technology.​

Growth to date 

Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh began Pivot for Humanity in 2018 after launching her own tech startup in 2014 and becoming concerned about the way the industry operates. She's focusing on building a ground-up movement, bringing together tech workers, academics, activists and consumers from within and outside the tech industry. ​

Barriers and challenges

The idea of professionalization is often misunderstood – it sounds dull and restrictive to an industry used to 'moving fast and breaking stuff'. To overcome this challenge, Pivot for Humanity tries to focus on how professionalization can empower tech workers and build a community of responsible tech. There's also a mindset change that needs to take place – for decades tech workers have been congratulated for delivering speed to market and exponential growth. Professionalization requires slowing down to some extent, and agreeing limits. ​

Looking to the future 

Pivot for Humanity is focused on getting the word out to make professionalization in the tech industry a reality. 

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