On Purpose

"People don't stay in the same job forever, they move around more frequently, and hence, there is value in having a community of people who are on a similar journey, who have similar values, and who have been through a similar experience.”
– Tom Rippin, Founder & CEO, On Purpose​


On Purpose is a community that works with professionals and future leaders looking to transition into a career in the impact economy. The Associate Program provides participants with practical work experience, training, mentoring and coaching to help them find work that aligns with their values. The shorter Pathfinder Program uses the principles of design thinking to help participants explore careers with more meaning and purpose.​

Role in the future of work

On Purpose programs help individuals navigate career transitions through job placements, coaching, training sessions and most importantly, by providing a community of like-minded peers who can relate to their experience. Participants have the chance to explore their career interests, develop professionally and join a life-long community of practice and support as they embark on new chapters in their working lives.

Growth to date

Tom Rippin founded On Purpose in 2009. Since then, over 700 Associates have joined the program and the wider community has grown to circa 2,000 people and organizations. The Associate Program, started in London and has since expanded to Paris and Berlin, and a Pathfinder Program was launched to offer a wider audience the chance to explore purpose-led careers.​

Barriers and challenges

At the beginning, finding suitable placement hosts willing to pay participants a stipend (to make the program as accessible as possible) and On Purpose a fee (to cover costs) was not an easy task. Now, replicating the successful Associate Program in different cities and countries is challenging since it relies heavily on an established network of placement hosts, trainers, mentors and coaches that are experienced in the local impact economy.​

Looking to the future

As more professionals become interested in transitioning into more purpose-led careers and more business leaders realize the need to fundamentally change the way organizations are run, communities and programs like On Purpose will play a vital role in working towards an economy that works for all - one that is equitable and regenerative in the long-term.​

Click to On Purpose's website for more: https://onpurpose.org/