"We are always seeking out affirmation that what we're doing is equipping people with the right skills, and we're able to adapt very quickly. Formal education cannot keep that same pace."
– Samuel Schofield, VP, EMEA & APAC, Udacity​


Udacity is a leading online education provider that partners with technology companies to learn how technology is transforming industries, and then teaches the critical tech skills that companies are looking for in their workforce (such as AI, machine learning, and data science) through self-led online courses. Courses are designed for individuals and organizations and include input from industry experts, technical mentor support, career services and a student community.​

Role in the future of work

By 2025, 85 million jobs could be eliminated due to automation, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). But the WEF also estimates that tech could help create 97 million new jobs, leading to 12 million additional jobs overall. Universities and organizations alone will not be able to fill that skills gap, so online education platforms like Udacity, will be essential, not only to provide the needed tech training but also to innovate course content and delivery in a way that will create open access and positive outcomes both for individual workers and organizations.​

Growth to date

Udacity has 13.3 million registered users across 240 countries and to date it has issued 190,000 nanodegree certificates.​

Barriers and challenges

The biggest challenge for Udacity is to keep up with learner expectations and organizations’ need and ability to transform, while continuously investing in the platform and giving users the best possible learning experience.​

Looking to the future

More and more companies across industries are recognizing and addressing the need to upskill and reskill their workforce, but many will need support from partners like Udacity when it comes to developing innovative learning curricula and practical training programs that have measurable positive outcomes.​

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