Open Skills Network

“In this free network, we discuss what we want to do next around this challenge to create a skill-based hiring ecosystem in the U.S. and around the world.”
- Nate Otto, VP Badgr, Concentric Sky​


The Open Skills Network (OSN) is a coalition of employers, education providers, the military and other stakeholders dedicated to promoting widespread adoption of skills-based education and hiring. To support this goal, it is creating a decentralized U.S. network of open skills libraries.​

Role in the future of work

The OSN wants to enable workers and learners to more rapidly and seamlessly move between education and work along skills-based pathways. Individuals will be empowered to understand and communicate the value of their own skills and talent, and employers will be able to see that talent and make informed, skills-based hiring decisions.​

Growth to date

The OSN was established through coordination from BrightHive, support from Walmart, Western Governors University and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, building on work by Concentric Sky, Credential Engine, Emsi, and others, but it has grown significantly through like-minded organizations and individuals who are working to build and improve the skills ecosystem and equal hiring opportunities for all. ​

Barriers and challenges

It is a challenge to get organizations to agree on common skills definitions. Rather than agreeing on a single taxonomy that works across all market sectors and uses, they therefore believe in allowing organizations to establish their own skills taxonomy and then apply reuse algorithms to determine which skill definitions are used most frequently. However, this takes time and the commitment and collaboration of many organizations.​

Looking to the future

The OSN is looking to grow even further, and expand both reach and impact of these open skills libraries.​ 

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