Small Giants Community

“We wholeheartedly believe purpose-driven leadership is the way to go. We believe that if you focus on purpose in your people, you can really see tangible results, including financial gains. We also believe that this stuff doesn't have to stay at the top, in order for you to truly create sustainable organizations, you're going to have to share this and really empower people at every level of the organization.”
– Hamsa Daher, Executive Director, Small Giants Community​


Purpose-driven businesses from around the world come to Small Giants to train and develop the future leaders in their organizations. These emerging leaders are able to connect with like-minded peers in the community, and through programs like the year-long Leadership Academy, they learn how to successfully run a values-driven business. ​

Role in the future of work

By developing and connecting the next generation of purpose-driven leaders, the Small Giants Community enables positive change and impact, not only at the organizational level but also within the wider community. ​

Growth to date

Co-founders Bo Burlingham and Paul Spiegelman brought the community to life after the Small Giants book was published in 2005. Since then, the biggest supporters of the community have been the thousands of passionate leaders who believe in the Small Giants philosophy around purpose-driven leadership.​

Barriers and challenges

Many businesses claim to be purpose-driven, but this is easier in theory than in practice. There are clear ways to embody and practice purpose, but it's challenging to find the right community and the right audience. Individuals usually find their way to the Small Giants Community through reading the book or through word-of-mouth referrals, and while more and more businesses are opening up to this philosophy, it is still not mainstream.​

Looking to the future

Small Giants is looking to ensure that even more individuals and companies truly believe in, and practice, purpose-driven leadership, and that the Leadership Academy becomes even more accessible. The team is launching a scholarship program this fall which will subsidize 90% of the cost of the academy to support BIPOC leaders.​

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