Earwig’s Worker Feedback Club ​

“If we can start to empower tradespeople with better quality, trustworthy information about what's going on in the industry – which companies and building sites are high performers and which are not – as well as practical how-to steps for saving, investing, developing their careers within and even outside of construction, then we could make it a more coveted industry for everybody, especially those on the outside looking in."
- Harrison Moore, Founder & CEO, Earwig​


Earwig works with large construction companies to gather anonymous feedback from tradespeople working on their sites to create better working conditions for temporary workers, improving worker mental health and wellbeing and boosting performance in the industry. ​

Role in the future of work

Earwig is helping improve the conditions for the many temporary workers in the construction industry, who are frequently left out of employee wellbeing and engagement programs common in other industries. This also helps construction companies differentiate themselves as good work providers in the face of an increasingly competitive hiring environment. ​

Growth to date

Before launching Earwig, founder Harrison Moore worked as an electrician on major construction projects across the UK. His first-hand experience in the industry led him to pitch the idea for Earwig as part of a design school project. With fundraising under their belt and a team in place, they're now looking to grow their business with industry partners.​

Barriers and challenges

Cultural norms in the construction industry mean that worker mental health and wellbeing have only recently started to get attention, despite significant problems. In addition, short-term contracts, combined with a high turnover of workers, reduce motivation among both companies and workers to improve conditions. ​

Looking to the future

Earwig's long-term vision is to become a go-to platform for workers in the construction industry, from offering help with managing mental health and wellbeing, to financial resilience and upskilling. ​

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