“We are showing that we've found a source of talent that Europe needs.”
– Leticia Galdon, Co-founder & CEO, PAZ​


PAZ trains refugee professionals, helping them adapt their skills and knowledge for the needs of the European tech industry. They do this through coaching, mentorship and connections with industry partners. In addition, PAZ's education partners provide scholarships to PAZ candidates. 

Role in the future of work

PAZ is showing that talent doesn't stop at borders. They are helping countries in Europe find needed talent, while helping to drive diversity, equity and inclusion in those companies, and in European society as a whole. ​

Growth to date

PAZ is working with over 40 different organizations to find refugee talent, and over 400 candidates have been evaluated. But a key part of PAZ's approach is to not focus on large numbers, but instead focus on the individuals. ​

Barriers and challenges

It can be challenging to be a newcomer in the humanitarian sector because it's a very competitive field. This can make it difficult to find organizations to partner with to help PAZ reach more refugees. There has also been a perception among some businesses that refugees mainly offer low-skilled labor, but PAZ is working hard to demonstrate otherwise. ​

Looking to the future

PAZ wants everyone to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It hopes that, by bringing together different actors and working across disciplines, it can start to change the status quo and help people who find themselves excluded from opportunities for career growth. ​

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