Collaborative investment in human capital

I think automation, it's a good thing, you know. When you need to support technology and to make it affordable on a very high scale, you need automation.  

Now I think automation also, it kills some jobs. It forces people to reconsider their position in the company and in the society. I don't think it's a bad thing. But when you just turn 50, and you're being asked to do something else with your life, it's not always easy.  

You need to consider that someday you might be outdated. Not because you're ugly, not because you're not smart. But just because your skills are not as useful as they used to be. So maybe you need either to stop because it's too late, you're too old. Or just you need to train yourself in doing something else. Maybe tomorrow I will have to work on another, on another sector. And automation may have other meanings. So I'm not afraid of this, it’s just opportunities which are way too bigger, too bigger than me. And I just need to understand how to adapt, and if there is another role I can play.