Credentials for skills-based hiring

I thought when I left Cameroon that I could use all the things that I had learned in Cameroon. But the class was different, the sessions were different, and I couldn't actually use it. Very difficult to find a job in Bordeaux, even to find an internship project, because of the culture. The culture, when you don't look like the others, it makes it more difficult to have access to what you feel like you can be good at doing.  

I remember I went to find my project as a trainee. I was picking up the phone, I was calling the companies like, are you searching for somebody? It didn't work a lot. So I tried another strategy. I decided to go by foot. I went to the company introducing myself. And it worked. I did it for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. And at the end I finally had the opportunity, on a parking lot, to have a manager of a company saying – okay, you look like you want something. You look like you're ambitious. You look like you're ready to make sacrifices. So okay, I give you a chance.  

I think sometimes there's some missing link between the university or certain schools, and the word of actual work. So what the companies can do, maybe to be more involved into the graduation process of the candidate. Because at the end of the day, it will make the perfect match between the needs of the company and the need of a candidate.