Investment in worker resilience

I think in future it would be really good for employers to recognize the impact of number one, the pandemic on people, and what it takes for people to be there at nine o'clock on that screen. If I think about it for myself – I care for my mom. I also, you know, I look after my son. So, for me to be at that desk at nine o'clock, my day is started probably about 7-6am before. 

I feel like my role has two parts. There is the performance management and monitoring element of my role. And that kind of comes down to the accountability. But I also feel that there's a supervisory and supportive role that is required as a leader of any staff team. So there's checking on the people, but there's also checking on the service. And those two elements sometimes are in direct contradiction to each other. Because you know, if you can imagine looking after people who were looking after people during a pandemic. And are they in a good place to be able to care for others?  

I think that that's the main thing if I could change, is how much the impact from people's lives, I think it takes a particular personality and type of person to carry out work in our field, and to do it effectively. But also it takes a toll on your personal life. The work life balance totally goes out and don't, you know, it's not like some jobs where you can switch off at the end of the day and walk away.