Accountability mechanisms for inclusion and wellbeing

I think it's really important for the demographic of the staff team to reflect the demographic of the client base. People are not going to relate or allow you into their homes, their lives, if they can't relate to you. It's as simple as that.  

We've had a lot of uncomfortable conversations at work about that, of what that looks like for us as a staff team, when we're wheeled out if there's a difficult teenager. Or when we challenge decisions on the basis of understanding of culture, or tradition, or especially like things like physical chastisement. The understanding of that in the West Indian and African cultures in comparison to you know, Western culture, and how that affects the decision making.  

However, those that are in the position to make the decisions aren't reflective of the ones who are going to be impacted by the decisions made. I think more consultation with staff from those minority groups should be consulted.