Tech with a human center

I was watching some video of Mark Zuckerberg introducing to this like virtual reality, you know, you could like go into this virtual reality meeting with these goggles on. And I was watching that and thinking about, comparing that to our teaching experience on Zoom where it felt like humans weren't at the heart of tech, to be honest.  

To me it felt like, incredibly removed from the intimacy and collegiality that you get within a classroom. Like sitting around a table discussing like a great work of literature. Just felt like so removed from that when you're like, “can you unmute”, you know, like “can you … I can't see you …can you turn your screen on?”.  

So I wonder within our field, what it will mean to place humans at the heart of tech. Because we know that there's going to be so much more tech. But in our context, we're still trying to figure out what it means to like still maintain that sense of community and interpersonal intimacy within those changes.  

The changes were brought on so quickly in our field, without a lot of time to like, beta test or innovate in any way. So a lot of people I think were caught flat footed and I do think there'll be now a longer period where people can actually step back and reflect and say - okay, if we actually have time to prepare for this, what kinds of tech would we want to incorporate in a perfect world?