Investment in worker resilience

[The] greatest uncertainty was deciding to leave an employee position and set up my own business essentially, and be a freelancer. Because it was a risk. I was able to take that risk because I had a partner who earned quite well and you know, could back me up for a while, while I set things up.  

I suppose maybe also deciding to take two years off of maternity leave. There was a risk that my agencies would have picked up other freelancers and wouldn't take me back on again.  

I think across society, there needs to be a recognition that raising children is essential, economic work. So that it's not like, when you become a parent - and generally it's mums still in the UK - that you kind of drop off the surface of the earth, like you're not doing anything important. What you're doing isn't seen as work, it seems a gap in your CV. And that requires all kinds of cultural social, government level change. But I think that's - for self-employed women in particular - that's the thing that would make the biggest difference.  

Also to mental health, I think. You know, I just felt like I'd lost all value when I became a parent and wasn't doing anything else. Even though on a logical level I knew what I was doing was important, there was nothing structural within society to make me feel like I still belonged and that I was still worthwhile. And so I think that needs to change as well.