New norms for productivity

I think the world has proven, for a lot of jobs maybe you don't need to really be at your official desk. Especially my thing, I just spent the last year, year and a half, two years in pretty much a full-to-majority remote work scenario, and I was fine. People didn't slack off because they were home. In fact, in my case and a lot of my co-workers’ cases, [we] ended up working more because the expectation now is, oh, you're home anyway, right?  

So I'm hoping from that perspective, more and more companies embrace like a, what's called a flexible hour or hybrid work scenario. I mean, I'm certainly not saying everybody should just work from home from now on, there's something to the face-to-face interaction. But maybe providing an environment where you don't feel like you're being penalized or being kind of looked down upon if you do choose to take remote days.  

I think it's not even like a set formula, I think it's having the flexibility. Because there might be a week where I really need to be home, and as long as I'm getting my work done, that should be okay. There might be weeks where because of whatever, maybe I need to be in the office the whole time. But I think it's more the ability and knowing that that's not looked at a certain way, is more important than the actual number.