Xiangcen Guo

Assistant Director, SkillsFuture Singapore

Xiangcen has extensive experience in education, skills and workforce development, having spent over 15 years in both the school system as well as in the adult learning and workforce development space, in Singapore, Japan and Abu Dhabi.

She is currently the Assistant Director of the Skills Intelligence and Planning Division at the SkillsFuture Singapore Agency, overseeing skills strategies and policies, and research and developmental projects in the areas of Future of Work, Skills and Learning. Some recent projects and interests include the use of technology (e.g. AI), data and digitisation, and its impact on future skills in industries, the organisation of work and learning at workplaces and in the gig economies, and the motivational learning behaviours of individuals through industry transformation. 

Xiangcen is passionate about people and human capital development, and believes that technology is for the betterment of humanity. While imagining the future, she is crazy over her dog, learning to play tennis, is picking up Arabic (albeit at a snail pace), and volunteers in humanitarian relief work in Nepal and Japan.