Frontline leadership model

I'm only a small supermarket worker but I enjoy going to work because of the people I work with. I'm in a very small team and we just all help each other and work together to get things done - we're not bothered too much by the management.  

I'm not too worried about benefits and stuff like that, “like oh my job gives people all these free things”. I don't see that as a great employer but just as someone trying to win you over... So just listening and like being there if you've got problem and stuff and trusting you to just get on with what you need to do.  

If we have any issues with the back door, we know best in terms of how to work it because managers never come to that door. So, if we say we need this change, they're pretty good at listening to what we need, these kinds of things you know? Where I am now, especially in my department anyway, if we ask for something or need something changing, they're pretty good at that.  

The managers downstairs, even though they're my manager, they don't know how to fix it more than we do, for example the tills - they ring us up to fix the tills when they're down. Something they're dealing with more than us and they expect us to come down and fix them. So we do have some power because we know a little bit more than them about certain things.