Tech innovation

Tech with a human center

I think a multi-disciplinary approach is important because you're going to need inputs from people whose minds aren't as restricted the way your mind is restricted towards your own subject.  

When you're working on medical device products, it's not just the engineers, doctors, psychologists point of view - that's important, but it's everyone's point of view.  

I think all these basic skills in mathematics and coding is something everyone should be offered - not just engineers, even people working in politics and in journalism. 

I think ethics is something that during the internet age, when the internet bubble began, everyone forgot about it, because we were all caught up on new websites and simply the internet. And so, I think how you work with a new technology, you go very slow, you do analyses and “just let me draw a free body diagram of what's going on here.” “Who is this affecting, who could hurt who could benefit?” You know, every step of the way. That's where incremental innovation is important, especially in the medical device industry, you could really be hurting people because you're trying to save two cents.  

I think whenever I look for a job or when I start looking for a job, it's important because it's going to make me feel like I'm a part of making things better. And that I'm a part of the I'm going to put my foot down and say: “Hey, this is great, but have we thought about what it could do?”